Friday, April 1, 2011

Wiring Bugs, Eliminate Them From Your Code.

You are happily developing, uneventful day and unit tests are successful but then BOOM! you're not getting any responses or error codes from your web server when you try out your integrated web application and it seems that the other areas are working properly.What could be the problem? These are wiring bugs or integration bugs. They are not code bugs and very very annoying. Here are a few tips to save you hours of development time trying to figure out why your code is not working.

1) Check if you updated your configuration files.
2) Check if you recently made changes to your OS or platform that's not entirely related to your code.
3) Check if your database is still intact or the changes you made to it is still compatible with code. Restore your backup if unsure.
4) Check if you have installed new components to your web server and didn't reload it. Make sure you do.
5) Check the security settings (i.e firewall, selinux etc) of your current environment.
6) Check your system resources if they have hit their limit (i.e segmentation fault, max connections reached, too many file descriptors etc).
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