Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tracking Email Perfomance from Multiple ESPs Using Google Analytics

In order to diversify the sending and make it more cost effective for us. We are now using 3 email service providers. There are cost and technical advantages/disadvantages for each but generally, we managed to lower our cost by half and our deliverability by 25%. Now the question of how effective it is remain, answer the question - how many converted from which ESP (email service provider)?.

The solution, Google Analytics custom campaigns ( Using it, we populated the links to our landing pages with utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign


We added the ESP descriptor here - i.e aws, mailgun, mailjet


populated with 'email'


We added the campaign name / ID here i.e product code, newsletter type

And optionally from time-to-time we add a value to utm_content, which can contain a variation of the same campaign name / ID.

The resulting landing page URL became:

In Google Analytics, we were now able to see under our Goal conversion dashboard (Conversions->Goals->Overview) a filter of our source/medium namely - aws/email, <other sources>/email which answered the question above - how many converted from which ESP?.

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