Saturday, August 7, 2010

MongoDb 1.6 Released - Scaling Production Ready At Last!!!

With the release of the MongoDB version 1.6 Stable, which focuses in scaling, this rockin' DBMS just made sharding and replica sets production ready.

What does it mean?

It means that you can now rely on Mongodb to:

1. Shard when the need arises.
2. Add servers to your cluster at zero downtime.
3. Single point-of-failure is no longer a problem making your systems highly available.
4. Replication lag, reduced dramatically if not totally.

Other Improvements in v1.6

* acknowledged replication: The w option (and wtimeout) force writes to be propagated to N servers before returning success (works well with replica sets).
* $or queries
* Up to 64 indexes/collection
* Improved concurrency
* $slice operator
* Support for UNIX domain sockets and IPv6
* Windows service improvements
* The C++ client is a separate tarball from the binaries

Also the 10gen yum repository have MongoDb v1.6 RPM package available for you to install. What are you waiting for? Upgrade and install now! Click here!

Click here for the official announcement
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